The 3,000 square foot Learning Center, located within our distribution center in Taylor, Michigan, has been developed to provide information; instruction and hands-on experience for a variety of automotive and industrial refinish systems and equipment from major global suppliers. Customized training on the latest products, tools, and processes is oriented toward the needs of Painters Supply & Equipment Co. customers and also provide a unique internal training opportunity for Painters Supply & Equipment Co. representatives.

Painters Supply & Equipment Co. now becomes one of the few PBE jobbers in the United States with a dedicated training facility this progressive and extensive in scope. The expense and effort invested demonstrates our significant commitment to ongoing industry improvement. Our facility is completely outfitted with audio/visual equipment, features ergonomic seating, and boasts a self-contained technical demonstration room – complete with refinish products, safety equipment, and other refinish-related tools.

17 December 2019 - 08:00 AM - Painters Supply & Equipment - Taylor, MI
PPG MVP Training

Fundamentals of Estimating 2020

8his course is 4 hours in length (8AM - 5PM).

The estimating process is the foundation for a profitable repair. A poorly written estimate translates to loss of production, re-work and bad CSI. Understanding that new and inexperienced estimators need to build their own good foundation of estimating practices, we developed the MVP Fundamentals of Estimating course. This newly refined offering guides students systematically through every phase of the estimating process. Learning is reinforced throughout the course by engaging participants in multiple estimating exercises.


  • The purpose of an estimate
  • Estimating system operations
  • Building an estimate
  • Preliminary vs. locked estimates
  • Re-keying estimates (copying estimates)
  • Reviewing the vehicle
  • Analyzing damage
  • Estimating options
  • Estimate documentation

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Receive Updates on our Training Schedule,
New Products and Promotions