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Marketing on Demand


Personalize Our Marketing Materials to fit Your Needs

The new PPG Marketing On Demand system can help you communicate with prospects with compelling, customized promotional materials. You pick the timing, the message and mailing list – then log on to Marketing On Demand to do the rest. Plan now to learn how to use this new marketing tool to create brand recognition for your business.

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Customizable Campaigns

Choose one of PPG’s official campaigns and customize with your logo and location information. Distributors or body shops can tailor campaigns for ENVIROBASE® High Performance, AQUABASE® Plus, the PPG Lifetime Limited Paint Performance Guarantee, Good Housekeeping, and more.

Posters, Banners, Mirror Hangers

These items are available to distributors and body shops to help promote the benefits of using PPG automotive finishes. Many items can be customized with your company logo and location.


Introduce your business and PPG product lines with brochures for many of the PPG brands and programs. These make great leave behind pieces, and have a variety of designs available for you to customize with your business logo and location.

Email Newsletters

With PPG Marketing on Demand, distributors can use branded PPG email templates to custom craft a message to a target audience. PPG Marketing on Demand allows you to build your address book of contacts and easily deliver custom email messaging.

Broadcast (Radio) Spots

If you advertise locally on the radio, you can select one of the radio scripts to customize for your local stations. Each ad can be customized with your body shop name, location, and information.


Not everyone has the budget to hire a full time web designer to establish a presence online. But with PPG Marketing on Demand, you’ll find cost effective ways to get your business website up and running. From a simple business page to custom-built microsites, you can save time by working with the PPG Marketing on Demand Team to build a professional site that works for you.

Advertising Services

The PPG Marketing on Demand Team can help you develop your own advertising plan or customize your materials—as if you had your own advertising agency. They work together with you to find an effective marketing strategy for your budget, and with the knowledge and experience they have, can often negotiate discounted rates for many advertising options.

Images and Logos

Have your own design, but want to use some of the images or logos from PPG? You can download many of the official images that we use in our own marketing to create your own messaging. You can also find all of the official PPG brand logos available to download and use in your marketing or on your website.

…And Much More

Postcards, inserts, pamphlets, digital ads…the list goes on. Log in to PPG Marketing on Demand to see all of the materials available. Many options are updated over time, so that you can keep your promotions up to date with current PPG marketing.

Training Sessions

Training sessions have been recorded to help you gain a better understanding of the program. To access a training session, simply click on one of the modules below.

Pre-Recorded Training Sessions:


PPG Marketing on Demand

Access to PPG Marketing on Demand is free! By being a customer of PPG, you have full access to build and customize your marketing pieces at any time.

PPG Marketing on Demand also provides printable PDF files of your materials free of charge. This PDF file can be used to print out your own materials on your office printer, so you can print as many or as few as you need, help you to keep print costs down.

Customers also have the option of sending materials to their own professional print services, and many items have a print-on-demand feature. The cost for print services or print-on-demand will depend on the options and quantities you select.

Advertising Services

If you are a customer of PPG, access to the PPG Marketing on Demand Advertising Services team (provided by BrandMuscle, Inc.) is available to you at no charge.

The Advertising Services team can help you tailor a plan specifically to your business objectives, budget and needs and provide a quote for service to you based on your requirements. This helps you determine what the most effective advertising plan will be for the budget you have available, while taking advantage of the Advertising Services team’s ability to negotiate lower advertising rates.

In addition, the team at BrandMuscle can help with a variety of services typically available at any marketing agency. To find out more, log in to PPG Marketing on Demand and click on Advertising Services.